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My Turkish Links

Mustafa Kemal ATATURK Homepage
Information About the founder of the Republic
Republic of Turkey
General Information about Turkiye
More info on Turkiye
More About Turkiye... COOL SITE!...
SABAH Online
My Favourite Newspaper!...
Another Good View on the News
Murat's Ankara Page!
Information and Links About the Capital City of Turkiye...
Murat's Istanbul Page!
About the most beautiful city,and the only one founded on two continents
WWW and Gopher Services in Turkey presented on the map of Turkey and some general info about the main cities...
All About Turkey
Anything in mind about Turkiye?!...
Murat's Main Page!


Yes, I am from Turkiye. I was born, educated and worked in Ankara (The capital city of the Turkish Republic). I've spent most of my spare time in Istanbul. I've traveled in Turkey. I have also been to many parts of Europe. I study in England. I know lots of people from all over the World very well. And I can say that Turkiye is a great country. It can not be categorised as belonging to a single group of countries. Turkiye is quite unique in many levels. The culture has many assets. It is a synthesis of East and West. The oldest civilisations were established in history on these lands. All contributed to the current culture. That's why the people are so approachable, flexible, open minded and global. The country is beautiful with its natural and historical assets. Turkiye has a couple of problems many of which can be found,with differing degrees, in every country and which are improving rapidly. But what Turkiye has got can not be found in any other place in the world. I can here you asking what they are... Answer is in my links;

Here are some links to websites about Turkey...