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1)19 May 1997 - Presentation at the University of Sheffield, The School of Architectural Studies on Research Students Seminar Series. My title is " Analysis Of Physical Transformation With Particular Reference To Urban Renewal in Turkey After 1980s"

2)24 May 1999 - Presentation at the University of Sheffield, The School of Architectural Studies. " Grammars in Urban Renewal"


1)30 May 1999 - Paper presentation at ACSA "New City - La Citta Nuova" International Conference, in Rome. Title is " The Grammar of Urban Transformation: A Tale of Two Cities".

2)25 July 1999 - Paper presentation at 6th (ISUF - 99)International Seminar on Urban Form about Transormation of Urban Form: From Interpretations To Methodologies". Title is " Principles of Urban Transformation: A Grammatical Interpretation of Two Urban Squares", in Florence.


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This page is about the presentations I made, conferences I had the chance to present papers , and articles that I hope to publish. I'll include more details. On the left you'll find a list of presentations. At the bottom of the page you can find links to websites of the conferences. Enjoy.

Here are the abstracts;

ABSTRACT (ACSA Conference, "New City", 29May-2June 1999, Rome)

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ABSTRACT (ISUF Conference, "Transformation of Urban Form", 23-26July 1999, Florence)

The problematic of contemporary intervention into continuously changing historic town centres, and question of monitoring constant principles of the process of change initiated this study about physical transformation. Its purpose is to extend the language for understanding of a particular context throughout time, in addition to what exists prior to design. This study attempts to suggest an alternative interpretation of urban transformation towards a methodology of urban renewal as a means of reconciliation between ‘old’ and ‘new’ components in the context of historic urban environment. This study is solely concerned with ‘geometric form’ as the basis of interpretation retaining, however, the importance of social, economic and political impacts on its transformation.The current research concentrates on "The Analysis of the Physical Transformation in Urban Renewal of Historic Town Centres". The search is for an underlying regularity within different phases of urban transformation as a basis of new interventions into historic contexts. Considering the form itself as being the main subject of architectural and urban design, a particular methodology is adopted, appropriating the rationale of shape grammars, as a relevant means to decipher such an underlying regularity. Therefore, physical transformations of Piazza San Marco in Venice and Taksim Square in Istanbul are analysed separately.At the end of this paper, possibility of introducing the integration of redevelopment and conservation on the basis of a possible underlying regularity, is raised as an alternative criterion for the compatibility of interventions with the existing context. Pitfalls of such a formal interpretation as well as plausible frontiers it can unfold are discussed with regard to the degree to which recursivities are revealed in case studies. Progression of these analyses into empirical design methods, and sufficiency of such applications in dissolving the conflict between ‘contemporary’ and ‘traditional’ are questioned. It is concluded that grammatical analysis could only be promising as an additional dimension of a broader framework of townscape analyses and morphological studies prior to design.


Conference Proceedings:

1)Cetin, M., 1999a. "The Grammar of Urban Transformation: A Tale of Two Cities". La Citta Nuova, Proceedings of ACSA International Conference, 29May-2June, Rome. ACSA Press: Washington DC., pp.417-22.

2)Cetin, M., 1999b. "Principles of Urban Transformation: A Grammatical Interpretation of Two Urban Squares". Transformation of Urban Form: from interpretations to methodologies, Proceedings of 6th ISUF Conference, 23-26July, Alinea Editrice: Florence, pp.FM 2.7-10.

Book Reviews

3)Cetin, M., 2000 Spring. "Civic Realism by Peter G. Rowe" (book review), Urban Morphology, Journal of International Seminar on Urban Form, Vol.4, No.1, pp.38-9.


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Links to Conference Sites:

ISUF - 99 Conference: Conference on " The Transformation of Urban Form"
ACSA International Conference in Rome: Conference on "New City - La Citta Nuova"