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Links to Britain

UK Guides
Info About Guides, Maps of England and General Links
Welcome to Britain
Lifestyle UK
General info about lifestyle in Great Britain
UK Active Map
Information About Travel to Britain
UK Maps
Maps of Great Britain
Union Jack
Do you know about the British Flag?...
National TV Station
A Tribute to Princess Diana
To the memory of the Princess of People...
Diana Links
Other Links to Websites about Lady Di...
National Cultures; British
Medieaval History of British Isles...
British Council


A personal view;

I like England, I like Wales, Scotland, and Ireland too. What pleases me about England is that everything is in order. Regional differences and large amount of places to visit make England an attractive place to live, travel and discover. It is also quite cosmopolitan, very stimulating. It is full of history. Nature and technology is well integrated and balanced in daily life. There are things about which I am dissapointed too. For example; the first thing is it is too cold and too dark. Although the peaceful and quite mood is quite relaxing and good most of the time, it might become dull sometimes.

England is my second (sometimes I feel the first) home. The order and ease of living, the respect among people, nature, history, and many other thing that words cannot describe as well as my wonderful memories make England a great place for me... Hope to see you again Britain!...

I hope you can enjoy the links I provided...

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