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The city of dreams... It is my love (not the only one), my passion. It has such a complexity; I think Ankara and Istanbul complete eachother and make a whole world. It has such a contradiction; Its delicacy with its mess, its history with its destruction, its dignity with its vividness, its beauty and glamour with its cruelty. It is the life itself. It is where Ottoman elite were living as civilised as the Western Europeans. Foreign teachers used to educate children young people spoke in other languages such as English and French, they played piano singed and danced which was different than the rest of country. Istanbul still keeps that avant-garde characteristic no matter how it is deteriorated by migration and urbanisation. Unavoidably, popular culture dominated Istanbul but this city is still beautiful... It is still Istanbul that has the leading position in capital market activities, trande, finance and infomation technologies. Istanbul vies the world as a smaller place, and asserts itself to be more global, more cosmopolitan.

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