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Architect Murat CETIN's webpage
About My Curriculum Vitae and few photos!...
About My Workshop in Architecture WINTERSCHOOL98
Dept. of Architecture, METU
Dept. of Architecture, METU
School of Architecture, University of Sheffield
School of Architecture, University of Sheffield
Architect Murat's Professional Links
Architectural Links...
For Other Fields of Interest...
Architect Murat's Turkey page!
About Turkiye
Architectural Exhibition Page
Architectural Exhibition Page, CHECK IT OUT!
Virtual Sheffield
About Sheffield
Murat's Ankara page
About Ankara; my home town...
Murat's Istanbul page
The city where West meets East!...
Portfolio mainpage
About My PORTFOLIO !...
My Guestbook
Please sign in my guestbook about your comments
This is Murat CETIN's Home
My other homepage in FortuneCity (linked to this page)
Murat's G.Britain page!
About England... (still under construction)
A Centre For Shape Computation
Website about SHAPE GRAMMARS, the method I adopted for my PhD thesis. Lots of links, references etc...
Turkish Architecture
General Information About Architecture in Turkey
The City of the Year of Art & Architecture
NEW!, Conferences, Publishing, etc.
Balikesir University, Dept. of ARCHITECTURE
Architecture at Balikesir (Turkish)
Links to job, book, CD sites etc.
Universities that Murat's been enrolled
Current cultural events around the world...
Websites and Links; foundations, events & activities, magazines and tv, guides, etc....
Favourite pages and sites
Colleagues & Friends
Guide for travel, reading, dining, fashion, charities etc.

This is Architect Murat CETIN's homepage...


My name is Murat Cetin and I am an architect. I have finished my PhD research at the University of Sheffield. This is my first homepage.


I was born in 1969 in Ankara - Turkiye. I graduated Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture in 1991 with an honours degree. I completed my Master of Architecture degree in 1995 in the same department. I practiced architecture in several architectural offices in several positions. I have had a full scholarship since 1995 to be enrolled in PhD program in the School of Architectural Studies, University of Sheffield in Britain.I had a chance to present my study at few international conferences. I finished my doctoral studies in December 1999. I am currently teaching in the third and fourth year design studios as well as Restoration Theory and Restoration Project.


Architectural Competitions, Architectural Design (Mainly Housing), Interior Design (Commercial or Domestic), Design Consultation, Model Making, Teaching & Research (Architectural & Urban Design Theory,Architectural Transformation, Architecture & Culture), If you are interested please contact me...


The title of the research is "The Analysis of the Physical Transformation in Urban Renewal of Historic Town Centres in Turkey After 1980s Through Shape Grammars". The search is for an underlying regularity between different phases of urban transformation as a basis of new interventions into historic contexts. The research stems from the question of how new architecture can and should be integrated with existing context. The idea of transformation and its constant principles which constitue the basis of continuity determined the scope of the study. Considering the form itself as being the subject of architectural and urban design, Shape Grammar methodology is adopted as an appropriate means to decode such an underlying regularity. The results of this study, I hope , will contribute to the formation of an alternative theory of interventions to historic sites.

If you are interested or need advice please contact me...


You will find a detailed CV and some selections from my PORTFOLIO on this page as well as info about my paper presentations at CONFERENCEs. There are links related to my academic, professional and personal interests.

Please scroll down and rightwards in linked pages to see more especially in the pages including my works such as PORTFOLIO page!. Some of the pages have a link to my main page (Back to Murat OR Back to Main Page). However, some other sites do not have a link back to my page. In those cases please use Back button of Netscape to come back and see my other links.


You will find further links related to those mentioned above. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from my pages.

I am still updating this page. Keep on visiting for more info and further links.

Thank you.

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